中川 周士 Shuji Nakagawa

Shuji Nakagawa


1992年京都精華大学美術学部立体造形卒業。卒業と同時に中川木工芸にて父・清司(重要無形文化財保持者)に師事。桶、指物、刳物、ろくろなどの技術を学ぶ。2003年滋賀県志賀町(現・大津市)に中川木工芸 比良工房をひらく。近年はデザイン性に富んだ革新的な作品の製作にも挑戦し、日本国内のみならず海外からも高い評価をうけている。

Woodworking Artist

Born in Kyoto in 1968.
Graduated from School of Art and Design at Kyoto Seika University in 1992. Upon graduation, he studied under his father, Seiji, who is an important intangible cultural property holder at Nakagawa Wood Crafts. Learned techniques such as tubs, wood working joiners, turneys and potter's wheels.
In 2003, he opened Nakagawa Wood Craft Hira Studio in Shiga Town (currently Otsu City), Shiga Prefecture.
In recent years, he has taken on the challenge of producing innovative works with rich design, and has received high evaluations not only in Japan but also in overseas.

  • Shuji Nakagawa
  • Shuji Nakagawa
  • Shuji Nakagawa