松尾 高弘 Takahiro Matsuo


1979年 福岡県出身。

Installation Artist

Born in 1979. Matsuo completed a postgraduate course at the Graduate School of Design, Kyushu Institute of Design. He is a creator of light installations that fuse aesthetic expression with images, lighting, objects, technology, and interaction. He consistently constructs artwork using diverse expression and technology through lighting, programming, as well as self-produced images.
With phenomena and regularity of nature, subtle expression of light using imagination, and emotional artwork based on an intuitive participatory approach, Matsuo produces installations for art exhibitions and public spaces around the world, lighting art for commercial spaces, as well as artwork for luxury brands.

  • Takahiro Matsuo - Airis
  • Takahiro Matsuo AURA_01
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Crystal Rain
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Phenomenon
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Spectra
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Tokyo Air
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Tokyo Air
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Wonder Moments
  • Takahiro Matsuo - Wonder Moments