千登勢 Titose




Independent artist

Free from specific calligraphy school. Holding solo exhibitions around the world (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Paris, Milan, Koln, etc.) Designing stages and interior and creating installation art both in Japan and overseas

“KANA” (Hiragana/ Katakana) is a character made to voice the utmost simplified form of Kanji (Chinese characters).
It is a character describing feelings towards loved ones or transforming seasons and that thin line expressing voices of composers of poems.
“The Kokin Wakashu (The first collection of Japanese poems commissioned by the imperials in the 10th century)” was written in “KANA” during the time when Japanese culture had drastically shifted from one influenced by China to our own. The beauty of “KANA” became the origin of Japanese beauty.

I write characters of poems taken from “Manyoshu” (the oldest anthology of poems) that express joy to people and nature and made layers in order to present full sensitivity and time in those days on paper.

Ancient voices and thoughts appear from the layers of poems and generate multi-layered melodies. The line of “KANA” deeply hidden in the back lets us realize voices and the existence from a thousand years ago.